Sunday, June 26, 2011

Canon 60D: Shape of Things to Come?

The Canon 60D is an interesting camera.  It has beautiful resolution, and is a strong addition to the Canon line of DSLRs.  It may have a smaller sensor than than the 5D, as well as lower resolution, and less durability, than both the 5D and 7D, but the 60D can do a few tricks that it's older brothers can't.

The most noticeable difference is the flip-out LCD screen.  Photographers may scratch their heads as to it's necessity, but for DSLR filmmakers without the budget, or need, for a shooting rig decked out with an EVF on an articulating arm, it's a welcomed sight. It seems like such a little change, but the biggest DSLR learning curve I had to overcome was always needing to bring myself to eye level with the viewfinder.  Being a taller guy, I'm used to looking down through an angled eyepiece.  The flip-out option on the 60D makes getting into position a lot easier, and definitely more comfortable.

There's also the addition of adjustable audio levels.  The 60D is the first to introduce this feature, and it's a large step in the right direction.  What can we expect to see out of the new versions of the 5D and 7D, rumored to debut summer 2012?  Canon had no new toys to show off at the 2011 NAB.  I trust Canon.  I know that they must have something cooking.  It makes me wonder what we'll see next.  I feel like the 60D, built with less power than the 5D and 7D, is really just a testing ground to get feedback on the shape of things to come.

The video below is uber-cheesey, but it's a great example of what Canon's EOS line of DSLRs are capable of.

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