Monday, June 27, 2011

Following the Equator / Welcome

"We had the whole Pacific Ocean in front of us, and nothing to do but do nothing and be comfortable." - Mark Twain

Thanks for checking out Garnish With Lime, the official blog of Key Lime Films.  It's all about cameras, traveling, and movies; designed for amateurs and professionals alike.  Everyone has their stories and pictures they share with friends and family over good food and drinks.  This is the place to read through some of those adventures, while learning about new camera gear and upcoming movies.  Our writers are travelers and professionals within the entertainment industry.  Feel free to send us your thoughts and stories about your own excursions to:

We're just getting started, and we have much more in the works.  Upcoming articles include: Argentina to Antarctica by boat; postcards from Paris; a lens review featuring photographs from India; filming in Papua New Guinea; a travel essay from a young violinist on tour in Germany; more gear reviews; and sneak peeks at upcoming movies / TV shows.  Stay tuned.

Add something extra to the ordinary: Garnish With Lime.

- RA

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