Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Video Vault: A Brokedown Melody

A Broke Down Melody is probable the most chill surf film out there.  It transcends other surf films with it's (relatively) lack of pro riding shots.  You can still see great segments from: Kelly Slater, Gerry Lopez, Jack Johnson, Mike Todd, Mark Cunningham, C.J. Hobgood, the Wilmots, and of course the Malloys. However, they're just out there enjoying waves rather than working on new moves for the film to debut.  It's a refreshing view of a culture that is often over-saturated with high-action hype.  It also includes segments about body surfing, a young Jamaican surf team, and several interviews about enjoying the simple pleasures surfing provides.  The segment below will give you a great idea of what it's all about.  Produced by Woodshed Films.


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