Friday, July 1, 2011

Have a Safe and Happy Fourth of July Weekend!

The Fourth of July has always been a favorite holiday of mine. To me, it means a weekend by the lake with friends and family. From Dad's barbeque chicken, to Grandma's famous pie, everyone brings a dish to pass. Most of the day is spent out on the water, with a short break for hot dogs, burgers, and chips around lunch time.  As the sun goes down, the kids swap wet swimsuits for jeans and hoodies.  A campfire gets made to roast marshmallows while waiting for the fireworks to start. The children stare in awe at the explosive show, and teens sneak off to make out in the shadows. The adults take turns lighting fuses, sipping drinks, and thinking back on past celebrations. 
It may be an American holiday, but I hope that spirit of family, togetherness, and everyone living caught up in the moment, is something people from all over the world can find time to enjoy this weekend. From my fellow writers and myself; Have a safe and happy Fourth of July.



  1. Wow, I wish we Italians had one day in which we would forget all the regional and political rivalries and just celebrate our nation with our families.
    Enjoy yr July 04th!

  2. Thanks Elena! I had a great time with my girlfriend and family over the weekend. Travel stories and photos to come soon.