Friday, July 1, 2011


Bay and Crew have delivered a film that does away with all the flaws present in the last film and delivers what could arguably be the best film in the franchise. The film follows Sam (Shia LaBeouf) as he bands with the military and the AutoBots, to combat a horde of new robots. The plot gets convoluted. This is the type of film where if you don't think too hard about the strained plot, and the holes in it, it's a fun theater experience. The acting is typical for a summer blockbuster. The story is thicker than the other films, though. While Dark of the Moon doesn't aspire to be more than a summer escape, it does reach moments of darkness that elevate the stakes. Bay and crew have delivered their most serious effort with Dark of the Moon.

That said, the film is still a popcorn film at it's core. The action scenes are bigger in scale than the last two films combined, and better than ever! From the Freeway chase, to the final hour with the destruction of downtown Chicago. This film is a crowd pleaser to the Transformers fans, but also a fun movie outing for the mainstream, too.

The film was shot specifically for 3D. With the 3D technology, and Bay's cinematic eye for action; He delivers a summer film with the best use of 3D since James Cameron's Avatar (2009). The 3D helps elevate the composition to a level that must be seen to be believed. It impresses, but with IMAX 3D, the scenes are jaw dropping. Dark of the Moon is loud explosions, battle-bots, and destroying as much of the city as possible. It's everything we want from a summer film, despite needing a better narrative and more likable characters. It's everything we love and hate about Bay, but more love to be had than the last outing.

7 of 10
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