Friday, October 14, 2011

Chicago Film Fest Update

For the last week I've spent every night downtown at the Chicago International Film Festival.  So far I've seen some great movies (and a horribly awful one), listened to filmmakers' advice, became fueled to write more, and have been inspired by the community involved with the event. 

I've got a few films left to see, as well as a panel discussion on the state of independent film distribution.  Tonight I'll be attending Shorts 3: Midnight Mayhem  - the horror/thriller program of the shorts compilations. 

My favorite of the fest right now is Nobody Else But You. 

The ambiguous suicide of local beauty, weathergirl, cheese model, and Marilyn Monroe look-a-like finds an eager sleuth in David Rousseau, best-selling crime novelist. When Rousseau visits a remote Alps village for the reading of his friend’s will he unwittingly, but irresistibly, gets caught in the tangled web of murder and small town politics in this off-beat mystery.

 Nobody Else Buy You (original title: Poupoupidou) is easily one of the most stylish films I've seen this year.  Music, shot compositions, acting, emotion, mystery, etc were all outstanding.  It's a fun, dark comedy that reminded me of watching The Brothers Bloom.  Check it out if you have the opportunity to.


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